I loved this site! (And thanks to Meish for the link)

It’s something I do anyway – seek out books that talk about places when I visit them. Usually I find them after I’ve been there which is irritating. Sometimes I plan trips around places I’ve read about – Jane Austen got me to Bath for example. I read Pompeii by Robert Harris in Pompeii, Leon Uris’s Agony and Ecstasy in Florence (about Michelangelo), Miss Garnet’s Angel by Salley Vickers took me to Venice and on it goes.

Bibliotravel is undersubscribed at the moment and needs your input. So if you’ve read a great novel set in a certain place – sign up (it’s free) and add to it… so that I can come along next time I travel and read your recommendations…

Yes, once again, it’s all about me!