Walking with Dinosaurs

Last night we went to see Walking with Dinosaurs – The live experience. I was quite impressed. They were very cleverly made and manipulated – not once did we see a collision – and the set was well done as well. The plants were air filled so that they “grew” around the stage – it was lovely to watch.

The narrator/paleontologist was great and led us through the different ages. At this point I became very impressed with the depth of knowledge of number one son who helped me out with extra bits of knowledge along the way.

For me the most impressive were the ornithosaurus – a huge flying dinosaur which was “flown” in front of a moving landscape which made you think it was indeed flying (best view of that was front on)… and the T Rex – which made me jump!

To give the impression of great weight the foley effects were expertly used. Every time a giant foot came down the auditorium reverberated with sound.

In fact if I have a criticism it’s that the sound was too loud to be comfortable.

The only other criticism I have is for the audience. Even though they expressly forbade flash photography there were so many people taking photos that it really spoiled it for everyone else. Flashes are SO bright in a darkened room. I had got to the point where I wished they had stopped the show and told people to stop it – it was that annoying. Shame on all of them! Oiks!

Today I noticed that our old DVDs of Walking with Dinosaurs were on the telly and the kids had also found their old dinosaur encyclopedias… bless!