Growing Together

Came home from work yesterday and Groover says “I’m becoming you!”

In what way, I enquire…

It turns out they’d just been to the beach (Cottesloe) and as it was a hot day (38) so had half of Perth.  Groover was disgusted by the amount of rubbish just left on the beaches.

Go walking with me and I tend to pick up rubbish as I go – I hate seeing it left in beautiful places – I don’t want Australia to end up like London – do the English not know how to put rubbish in a bin?? – anyway apparently Cottesloe beach looked like a tip complete with obligatory seagulls.

Why do people do that? Why can’t they take their rubbish with them? And why doesn’t the council – knowing there was going to be a lot of extra people on the beach over the weekend – roster people to clear out the bins so that people are encouraged to put their rubbish in them?

I know a lot of the beachgoers don’t live in Cottesloe and that Cott ratepayers have to pay to provide said rubbish collectors – but if the result is that their beach isn’t covered with litter – isn’t it worth it?

It’s not as if they can’t afford it. And besides they have the privilege of living in such a beautiful part of the world.

I’m not saying that beachgoers are blameless. It’s appalling that they would stoop (or maybe not stoop…) to let their rubbish fall where they stand. They should pick up their litter. However, lets be honest.  If you caught a train to the beach, you are not going to want to take your litter home with you…

Come on Cottesloe – lift your game.