Christmas rush

I thought things were supposed to quieten off around Christmas but I’ve just been getting busier and busier.

Still only a few more sleeps before we can relax and for me that means two weeks dahn sath dahling chilling out on the decking with a glass or two of chardy… or maybe sav blanc. Wet and in a glass anyway.

This year I’m taking our coffee machine.

The question is – can I fit in time for a game of bridge? Must get the kids lessons as really, apart from slave labour – what are kids for? Making up a four at bridge is the least they could do.

In fact they are pretty good card players already. Don’t bet your house when playing them at Brag… and take your tricks early in 500. So it can only be a matter of time… mwah ha ha ha.

I’m really enjoying playing at the moment – apart from the cards themselves which don’t seem to go our way all that often – the social aspect is great, often staying past midnight waffling about what could have been if only I’d not led that diamond. Drinking wine and eating cheese… if only work didn’t interfere quite so much.