Beta check my comments

Moved to the new beta Blogger today and discovered 17 unmoderated comments – so here I was feeling rejected and you’d been trying to send me messages. I feel loved. Thank you. I think Blogger decided I should moderate comments for me but anyway…

Hey guess what?! I’ve done ALL my Christmas shopping! And it’s still a week to go til Christmas – more than a week. This is an absolute first.

Although I think the problem with getting it done early is that you keep finding other groovy presents which you are tempted to buy – at least when it is last minute you keep to your budget!

I’ve been busy at work – I thought it was supposed to slack off at Christmas time but no – but because I’ve been starting early – 4.30am – I have the afternoons to shop hence my efficentness.

Things are slowly falling into place – work next year will continue with me in the same role as this year plus Sundays – at least until June when the position will be advertised – the equivalent regional role (based in Perth) will be as well so… interesting times ahead.