Landsdowne Road

We went down to the Captain’s Run training session at Landsdowne Road where the match is to be played tonight. It was cold. And by cold I mean that immediately afterward I bought some thermal underwear. Freezing.

The funniest sight was our big tough Wallabies in their shorts and shortsleeved tops posing for a photo – while they waited – they wrapped white towels around their legs – sarong style. Makes for an amusing look.

Ireland 030

wallabies with us

Afterwards we hit the high streets – central Dublin was packed! There are pubs everywhere – so we went to one – The Porterhouse – which is a micro-brewery in Dublin to meet up with Max and PC over from England and there we whiled away the afternoon drinking, playing cards, changing pubs til about 11.30pm. It was still pumping in town but we’d had enough.

Is there anything else to do in Dublin but drink?

Ireland 047

Ireland 043