The irony of Ireland

Turns out Vodafone doesn’t have global roaming in Ireland. I know. Bizarre. Ironic even.

Today we went exploring – bought tickets for one of those sight-seeing buses and lucked out on getting a stand up comic for a driver. He was hilarious. A joke a minute plus his observations on the other drivers were hysterical.

We stopped off at the Guinness Storehouse for our tour which was very well put together ending up at the Gravity Bar for our complimentory pint of the black stuff. Sadly I didn’t become a Guinness convert. It’s just that compared to Chimay and Leffe and Trappe and all my other favourite Belgian brews, well it’s just not that nice.

Ireland 018

Ireland 019

Impressive factory though. At one point one in 30 people in Dublin were employed by Guinness. They even have their own medical centre and ambulance service. According to our wag of a driver who happened to pick us up after the Storehouse again, the ambos have ladders on them after a worker fell into a vat of Guinness and drowned. The only question asked at the Coroner’s was – did he suffer?

We kept going on the tour until our driver went off for his lunch and was replaced by a driver who preferred to use the recorded tour notes. Alas it lost it’s Irish charm for us and we decided to get off and check out the Book of Kells at Trinity College.

Ireland 024

Ireland 023

That was quite impressive. Again, beautifully displayed. Great videos showing how the books were made and the caligraphy.

Perhaps even more impressive was The Long Room. A library filled with hundreds of these old and valuable books.

We didn’t bother getting back on the bus although we may pick it up tomorrow and do the rest of the tour – hopefully we’ll find a driver who does his own commentary!