The need for speed

Groover has rebuilt our second computer (which I have hated having to use when he is playing Half Life). It took him all day. He took it back to zeros. Which is my numpty terminology as I imagine all the little bytes are reset to 0. For non-geeks – my dim understanding of computers is that everything is either a 0 or a 1 – so if everything is 0 that means we have a clean slate.

Whatever, now the computer – which I was ready to ignore for the rest of my life – now functions like a well oiled Lambourgini… well say a Mazda 3… much better than before.

Of course none of the old files are on it yet but I kind of like its Zen nature – you know – not cluttered up with oddly named files that you don’t really remember creating… so maybe I won’t put them back.

I’ve just spent a few minutes creating a Google homepage – omg sad!

Don’t tell anyone it’s Saturday night…