Today’s News

The Eagles Parade: Yes yes okay well done. ENOUGH ALREADY.

Smokos a no-no: Well I agree with that. Nothing more annoying than working with a smoker continually off having a fag. So frustrating. Plus you miss out on the gossip.

Cage eggs: The RSPCA has called on us to stop eating cage eggs – yep I agree with that. I don’t like eggs much anyway so the few I buy are always free range.

What a wet windy day – the perfect day to do my reticulation. Now I just need to replace four pop-ups and I’m done.

It’s a dirty messy job but OH SO SATISFYING when you flick the switch and all the little sprinklers, sprayers and drippers do their funky thing. Just like the olden days making dams in the dirt and switching on the hose…

Speaking of which one of my darling pop-ups was completely covered by my kids latest reconstruction of the front garden. Maybe I have a couple of budding reticulators just waiting for their opportunity to shine?

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