Behold the behemoths

We went to the Royal Show this week which, for those of you out-of-towners is a combination of city stall holders – city businesses – animal exhibitors and sideshow alley – in the worst possible way.

It is a hot, crowded, smelly rip-off and sadly, somewhat of a tradition in Perth.

The oft-repeated saying “The Show is full of bogans” is sadly all too true. Bogans and of course sad parents like us pested beyond belief in Simpsons inspired style by our little darlings.

One friend of mine simply refuses to go. How I admire her steadfastness. “I don’t come from Perth” she says “so there are no emotional traditions to tie me to it.” She offers her children $50 each and leaves it at that. If they can find a friend to go with – thats fine.

My childhood memories of the show are mostly of the agony of choice. I was allowed ONE showbag and spent the week before the show poring over the catalogue – which I guess came in the paper – I don’t remember how I got hold of the said catalogue – but I do know that I always chose the Fruit Tingle bag – and one day even got a Polly Waffle bag – my two faves. Maybe there wasn’t a catalogue at all but I felt I had the choice.

I can remember seeing people with 20 or 30 showbags down each arm leaving the show and marvelling at their good fortune. Thinking “when I’m grown up…”, of course now that I am I wouldn’t be seen dead carrying a show bag. What a waste of money! Besides don’t want to look like a bogan.

I do sound judgemental don’t I and I admit that I am. Sitting there outside the Bird Flu pavillion (the poultry shed) this afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the obesity problem in Western society in full display. The hair, the tight tee-shirts, the jelly bellies, the used disposable nappy left under the seat on which we sat. It was all a bit tragic.

Still the kids had a good time and I could go home only $13 lighter in the pocket because I had a free pass and avoided getting stung by the rides at $7 a pop. The show is over for another year and I am relieved.

(This year the kids paid for their own show experience out of their savings and now have more confectionary than they know what to do with. I already have been given two bertie beetles which was very kind.)