Jet setter

I know what you’re thinking. Adelaide one week, Sydney the next… what a global traveller Cellobella is… what a jet setter. Well I can understand your envy. Yes I’m in Sydney this week for the opening night of my brother’s new exhibition and first solo show in Sydney. Very exciting.

These days I just can’t seem to get through those airport security checks. Last week I had a corkscrew which I’d chucked in my bag to take to work where occasionally a corkscrew would come in handy. Completely forgot about it of course and of course I was running late and couldn’t find the wretched thing! Last night it was a hairclip. Oooooh dangerous things hairclips, although to be fair once he identified it as a hairclip he let me take it on board. Mad woman attacks pilot with jewelled hairclip!

Anyway I caught the red-eye and I don’t know why wasted precious z-time eating the wretched “supper”. I don’t know why! Who eats at 1am? Now I feel stuffed. Both tired and bloated. The good part was getting two seats to myself next to a window.

But the weather in Sydney is beautiful and I’m looking forward to checking out the Archibald later today and maybe do a bit of shopping. Brother dearest has gone to do some hanging duties at the gallery so I might even make up some of that z-time.

After this trip things settle down and I go back to the normal humdrum. In the meantime (hi kids) LET’S PARTY!