underland and underwater

OMG apologies regular readers for my absence. No excuses. But be assured that other areas of my life have also been ignored. Yes internet it’s not just you! I haven’t been to the gym for a week (until today) either.

But I’m back, focussed and ready for action.

In fact I’ve had a few things on. First was Underland – which is on at the moment at His Maj. Totally loved this production. Real ballet – in that they pointed their toes – awesome score by Nick Cave – brillant dance. If you want to see great dance go and see this. After the disappointment of the WA Ballet, I was blown away.

Then the kids had their swimming carnival which was an eye-opener. When you see them thrashing around in the water at home it’s hard to think of them as particularly brilliant swimmers. They are fast thrashers! And turning the water to foam got them a bag full of ribbons of which they (and we) are very proud.

I’ve taken quite a few photos and I will do a photo catch up soon. Apologies.

Also been to a couple of 40ths – yes it’s THAT year. My sis is in town and oh yeah, me and East came first at Bridge on Saturday. Not good, because we were hoping to keep the expectations of our mixed team partners low before they get disappointed with our playing during “the big comp”. Ah well.