New Shoes and other news

Have you ever bought a pair of dressy shoes and worn them to work on the first day and not noticed you are wearing them?

Neither had I, until today.

I’ve got new shoes and they are SO comfortable they feel like slippers. I’m seriously thinking about buying a second pair. They’re even pointy and they don’t hurt. Sure I look like I’ve got enormous feet but I’m prepared to wear that to wear them. They are great.

Daughter’s favourite saying is from Benjamin Franklin – Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy – yep, straight from the billboard to you.

In Bridge news, East and I have been invited to play in a mixed teams event by a vrey good pair. Bless them. Obviously mistaken us for people who can play bridge!! Anyway if we can make the dates it should be a laugh. Good to see South Perth Bridge Club again anyway. I hope they don’t expect to win.

And finally this little website to make you feel better about the wage you’re on – thanks Sophie. Global Rich List