Just got home from LaPage’s fantastic The Dragon’s Trilogy. I feel a bit mean writing about this because we saw the last performance in Perth. But it is touring I think so perhaps you will see it in another city. If it is on – go. It is the most satisfying theatre I have seen. Ever. It spans three generations and is mesmerising from the get go. Lyrical, poetic, harsh, soul renching theatre. A brilliant set. Layers of meaning. I cannot describe it but you feel completely sated at the end. Your senses tingling. A bit like really good sex – without the wet spot. Awesome.

I’m sure I will come up with other favourite scenes as I reflect on it but at the moment the ones that stick out in my mind are the dragon scene, the gambling scene and the opium scene. Superb. 10/10. My friend Russ said it was the best thing he’d ever seen. On the strength of his review I went. It was.

This year I was determined not to let another festival go by without attending a thing. I remember the Peony Opera – a nine hour Chinese piece – which was supposed to be amazing – I missed it. Do you remember the angels. Even now I regret missing that. I feel good that this year I didn’t miss out.

Of course it was not without its dramas and my apologies to fellow theatre goers and the actors. You know at the start where they say to turn off your mobile phones? Well I did. Or thought I did. But I obviously turned it on instead. My face is flushing now remembering. How embarrassment! (to use an Effie-ism) It was work telling me about a fire that was happening North of the city. Not that I knew that at the time of course because I turned it straight off. I could hardly look at anyone at the first interval and took my phone to the car and locked it in.

I am NEVER taking my phone to ANY theatre EVER again.

Earlier in the week my brother and I went to the Ballet at the Quarry. I must say, apart from one piece called I Live, I was rather disappointed. Yes it rained but that just welded us together in adversity – us being the audience. But the ballet was so pedestrian (apart from that piece and the final piece was okay). Tutus at the quarry just don’t work.

I wondered how they got away with the advertising. The picture on the program was last year’s and the dance filmed for the TV commercial certianly was nothing like what I saw on Wednesday night. Not a tutu in sight – not even tulle. Surely that is false advertising. If I had bought tickets on the strength of the TV ad I’d be asking for my money back.

Is it too mean to take them to task for it? After all I want the Ballet to survive financially. I think it’s important to have a state dance company, and I want to know that, even if I’m not a regular patron, that dance is happening and doing well.

I think really that it is short-sighted of them. After all surely I can’t be the only person who looks at that ad and says – well that’s not what I saw at the quarry and quite frankly I’d have rather seen what you’re advertising. Maybe I won’t be enticed next time I see an ad for the ballet because I won’t be convinced that what I see in the ad is what I’ll see when I turn up to view the performance.

Is their cheating by false advertising okay because they are “The Arts”?