My soul is a furnace of love;stoke it to the full

Title courtesy of the Bacio chocolate found on my pillow at the lodge we stayed at last weekend. A charming weekend with good friends and good wine. There are photos to prove it. 🙂

During the weekend, after a very wine soaked evening we went on a wine tour of the region. In a bus. With about 10 twenty-somethings. Sigh. I am getting old. Also was very hungover so it was lucky that the last stop had some jewellery for sale!

The lodge itself was deluxe. Lovely food, well appointed rooms, completely up to spec!

While we were away the coroner finally delivered his findings on Harry’s death. No surprises to those who went to the inquest. Mr Hope was scathing about CASA and it would seem rightly so. I’m just happy it’s over at last. Although it will never be over, not really.

Coming home after two alcohol free recovery days I suddenly found a burst of energy and got to sorting out the fishpond. Our fish, sadly, are dead. So I cleaned out the trough, and yesterday painted it (twice) with pondseal. Now I just need to await a week before filling it. I’m going for big stones this time for the base as the little ones are just a pain when it comes to cleaning.

I also divided up the hugely overgrown irises and now have several (tens) of little ones that will hopefully survive their rough treatment. My plan is to create a bog garden next to the fish pond and plant some of them out. Others will go to new homes. Projects for the summer.

Today I was doing such hard weights at the gym that my watch dug into my wrist veins and they are all lumpy red and bruised. Beauty is pain my friends, beauty is pain. Or at least fitness is. I am starting to feel fit and hopefully will one day be so.

I went to McDonalds tonight with the kids for a quick tea. Honestly why would you eat there? Despite the Salads Plus and Deli Choices I must say I was not inspired (although I saw an enormous young mum of about 20 order a salad). The whole place stank of stale oil. I had an orange juice.

Dippity and I wrote a Haiku tonight about surfing.

I’ve got the hiccoughs
Maybe I’m scared of the surf
A pounding wave breaks.

Photos soon… and happy birthday MIL!