I’m in a choir!

Amazing huh? Work has put together a community choir led by the fabulous Martin Meader and I’m an alto. The first rehearsal was tonight and Jane from high school was there. I was feeling pretty smug as there was someone from my primary school there as well but the lady next to me knew someone from primary school, high school, nursing college and had recognised the neighbour across the road! Perth is a small place.

I love singing alto – it is such a relief not to have to reach the high notes! Although it is very hard not to try to. We are putting on a concert on December 6th in East Perth – I’ll be the one in the red tee-shirt (ha ha).

Also today, tips on getting into a fully booked restaurant:

1. Take M.
2. Get M to offer a “booking fee”.
3. Stand in the foyer – politely.
4. Don’t leave.

They will find you a table – yes even with a list of people to call back if there is a cancellation. Saturday night in Fremantle in the busiest of Thai restaurants. Delicious.

Then of course I lost my wallet! What grief. I had taken my credit card and some cash and put them in a thin wallet – as opposed to my big, overstuffed with receipts, wallet – but it still didn’t fit in my jacket pocket and somewhere between the Kulcha Club and Gino’s it fell out.

Today I get a phone call from the Police. It’s been handed in – with ALL the money! I’d already cancelled the card of course… Not only that but another wallet had been handed in with $240 in it – all still there! Isn’t it nice to know that there are some honest people in town. :))

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