Welcome Gabriella Claire!

Congratulations to Madeleine and Mark on the birth of their second child – a daughter – Gabriella Claire! Madeleine and baby doing very well, Mark coping as best he can 🙂

It was another textbook birth. Madeleine went to bed last night with mild contractions which she didn’t really think were The Ones, but they got stronger during the night and at about 4am her waters broke with a rush. Knowing that it might be quick she got Mark up and they grabbed their stuff for the hospital, dropping little Logan off at a friend’s down the road and rushing into Osborne Park Hospital.

The midwife took one look at her and decided she’d better do the first check in the birthing suite! As soon as she did she told Mads to push if she wanted to. At 6.20 mum arrived with her massage and aromatherapy oils and at 6.30 little Gabriella was born.

Mads couldn’t believe she had a girl. On both sides there has been nothing but boys apart from our Immy so she is a very happy mum now with a pigeon pair – a boy and a girl! In another amazing coincidence with our girl, Gabriella was born five days early and on a Saturday and according to my numerologist mother, Gabriella has the same life path number as me (poor girl!).

Madeleine has always loved the name Gabriella and Claire as names so the Claire is for Auntie Debbie (her middle name is Claire too).

So that’s the news! I’m going to visit them this afternoon and promise first pics soon!!

I heard the news while on-air this morning (Rory SMS’d me) – you can hear what happened by clicking on the following link… gabriella_claire (Realplayer).