My sister the artist

Yes my brother is an artist but I have just seen a painting that my sister has painted and she is also an artist. I hope to be able to display it on my website. Sis, I’m so proud of you.

I’ve been thinking about the names we give our near and dear recently. It occurs to me that there ought to be an honorific name that we give our parents-in-law. Don’t you think? I mean you can’t call them mum and dad can you because that is what you call your own parents. I can’t imagine calling my husband’s parents mum and dad. It would be…. icky. Well, not icky maybe but definitely uncomfortable. I think it would feel a bit unfaithful to my own mum and dad.

At the same time calling your mum-in-law Mrs so-and-so is a bit distant and perhaps by her first name a little weird, after all she has a special relationship with you. So if there was a name – like “mum” but different. Something that meant: I honour you as the mother of my husband and grandmother to my children and I acknowledge our relationship – but I also acknowledge that my relationship with you is different than that of my mother. That would be a useful addition to the language.

Is there a language somewhere that has got that word? If you know of it please leave a comment and put me out of my misery.

Because my son is nearly 11. In less than a decade he may marry (frightening thought). I need to get that name sorted before that time because I’m sorry dear person-who-might-marry-my-boy, but I don’t want you calling me mum. Only two people in this world get that privilege and I’ve met them already.