Scary Journalist

I interviewed Margo Kingston today. Scary journalist. I must admit to being completely intimidated. Here is a woman who has thrown in her salary and security and taken on the media barons at their word and is challenging them with her own form of blogpaper.

She denies she runs a blog with Webdiary and says it is an independent newspaper. Sure it is not a simple blog – but it sure looks like one.

Commenting is the big feature – audience interaction. I wonder if it has been everso that the gp otherwise known as the great unwashed has contributed to journalistic life. As long as I’ve worked in the media a number of stories were contributed by listeners either as a question, an observation or as fact that they wanted exposed. It is the nature of the beast and not just the province of blogged news reports – although at least in that case they are transparently via the public… if all are published. Anyway until her phone went off in the studio – nightmare – it was an interesting chat even if she was a little intimidating.

How lucky is George Walker eh? He gets a second chance to do it right. To wipe the Katrina slate clean by a perfect response to Rita. Of course if he stuffed up again…