What would you do?

The story of the three children who drowned after the car they were in ploughed into a dam on the weekend got me to thinking… what would I have done? Could I get my family out of that situation?

Luckily in my job I get to talk to interesting people and today I spoke to a guy from the WA Water Police who told me what he would do. And because I wanted to know just in case – I want you to know too – just in case.

He says if you can… unroll your windows and undo your seatbelts before you hit the water. If you can’t you’ll need to stay calm (if you can), undo your seatbelt and your kids, and wait until the car fills up with water – depending on the circumstances this could take five or so minutes. You won’t be able to kick the window out before that because of the pressure difference inside and outside the car. Go to the highest point of the car and when the window is underwater – smash it out. Then try and swim for the surface. Tragically it is very difficult to get out of a submerged car and with windows and doors electronically controlled these days, even harder.

So sorry for the grim topic tonight but hey – I like you guys!

In renovation news…

The new floor.

Doesn’t it look great! We have to wait now til next week as our floor guy – Colin – has to go down south. Sigh.

And the star of Gilligan’s Island died. 🙁 I loved that TV program when I was young – in fact I can remember declaring staunchly that not only was it my favourite program now – but it would ALWAYS be. Yes but that was before The Bill, Dead Ringers and Australian Idol was invented.