Angry now

Okay I was appalled and horrified by the situation in New Orleans but as the days go by and more and more information is coming out I’m becoming angry. How can they have abandoned these people. They knew what was going to happen, they put the people in a designated shelter and then just left them. It is unforgivable. You would be better off in a third world country during a disaster than in the US.

The report on PM tonight underlined the ineptitude of the administration:

The American Red Cross says the reason it wasn’t there in New Orleans helping people survive was because the Homeland Security Department had actually asked it not to come back into the city after the hurricane.

The reason given – that the presence of the Red Cross would keep people from evacuating and encourage others to come into the city.

And the Chicago Tribune reports that the USS Bataan, a 600 patient hospital ship which can make up to 100,000 gallons of fresh water a day was in the Gulf of Mexico when Katrina struck, but apart from the use of its helicopters to ferry people out, has hardly been used.

On a brighter note it is amazing to see the donations flooding into the “richest country on earth”… even Afghanistan is sending dollars. I note with interest that France has not put a dollar figure on their help – just saying they are giving “support”.

I don’t know why that amuses me.

On another note – our floor renovations started today. The breakfast bar has been knocked out of the wall and will be installed tomorrow I think and the floor is well on its way to being laid. Very exciting.

And on the work front I got to present the afternoon show today. Kinda felt weird given it was the job I didn’t get last year. Sigh. I would have loved that job. It was a lot of fun today – I even found out how to clean sisal matting – not so useful now as we have decided to finally rip it all out after eight years and replace it with carpet.