Day 4

The headaches are gone, I have been SOOOOOOO good I can’t believe myself. Yes in spite of Rory making delicious chicken soup, beef korma and drinking wine every night I have managed to keep going eating brown rice and vegetables.

It’s not too bad if truth be told – now that the headaches, diarrhoea, nausea and cravings have gone – the vegan recipes in the back of the brochure are quite nice. And I have this feeling of piousness that also feels good.

Five pm is the hardest time of day…. I think longingly of a glass of red, or white. And that pate in the fridge which is going to be off by the time I’m allowed to eat it.

And I’m not hungry.

And the smell of coffee just smells odd – I thought something was burning the other day but it was just Rory wafting his coffee near me. Bastard. He’s sitting next to me now, his coffee exuding it’s pungent aroma, him making quips about when you’re on a detox, waking up and smelling the coffee is not a pleasant experience. Ha bloody ha!

Hopefully I will also lose a bit of weight. All that time in the gym certainly isn’t doing it for me but I suspect I’ve been undermined by that lo-fat yummy yoghurt which I had been indulging in on the basis it was 98% fat free – it’s 96% fat free which as we all know means 4% fat.

Got to go – my bed has just arrived. I lent it to work for a promotion and they’ve just returned it… my bed- the star!