He who must not be named

To whom am I referring? Why the person chosen to open our new building! He must not be named for security reasons. Now who could that be I wonder?

Voldemort? Doh!

I don’t know why but I find this vastly amusing and can often be seen giggling to myself for no reason apart from that.

I’m starting to feel a bit stronger at the gym these days and have even put the weights up a bit on some of the bits of equipment. Not that you can tell yet from looking at me – I just get this image of bags of oranges when I’m at the gym – can’t think why? 🙂

So what else to report? Well I went to a meeting with Archetrek last night which was interesting. One of the things we hope to do is create a community group with people who have done their archetypes which would meet regularly – this would keep us in touch with our newly discovered identities and for me – I’ve done all the courses I’m interested in right now – it is enough. For those of you who know her – Katie has posted her August thoughts so check them out.