Happy Birthday Debbie

But oh, what a day to have a birthday when London is, if not burning, shellshocked. Debbie is safe – still waiting to hear from Sally and other friends who live in London.

I was at work waiting to see if it would rain which would mean no cricket which would mean I’d be producing early evenings but instead it didn’t rain, cricket was dropped and they networked between current affairs and Melbourne. The good part was watching our news team in Perth swing into action and watching Sky News Coverage.

I’ve also heard from Janet who is having a great time in Greece – this from her email:

We have seen so much so far I can’t list it all. We have seen Nestor’s palace, Agamenmon’ s palace, we have been to Argos, ancient Corinth andNavarone.
We have seen mountains, beautiful bays and lots of churches. We love Greece.