Freezing cold but not on Ramsey Street

Lordy lordy was it cold today. Yes indeedy do it was. 0.5 degrees celcius – second coldest day ever in Perth. It was so cold even charity seemed warm. I listened to 6PR simply for the hot air.

But as Freeway 9 alludes in her excellent post – it would never happen on Ramsey St which brings me to my point – you know it is not based on true life because apart from everything else they never talk about the weather.

Remember how Hugo lost his glasses in Vincenza on our holiday well I filled out the forms as you do to claim them on insurance thinking it would be a nightmare – and today – we got the rebate! Brilliant. Very much worth taking out the insurance. It was CoverMore insurance in case you are travelling. Yes the form is long but hey – they paid out so I’m not complaining.