Seven Year Itch

Yes finally the last of the Italian photos are online – over 300 in total in six albums with a 100 or so more in the England album.

Speaking of England… how’s the cricket? How embarrassing eh? Rory is cringing and hoping desperately that all his mates have suddenly lost contact with the sporting world! First Somerset, then Bangladesh and then England herself… is this some bizarre strategy to lull the English into a false sense of bravado?

Kids went back to school today. Our strategy of forcing them to stay awake all yesterday – despite little or no sleep the night before – seemed to work and though I had to wake them up they seemed awake enough to handle school for a full day. Groover and I got to work sorting out bills and getting stuff organised. Things like claims for Hugamuga’s glasses lost in Vincenza and getting my boots reheeled. We also have plans to de-clutter this house and to “schnook” it up a bit. After all we’ve been here seven years without touching a thing and shall we say it is starting to look a bit shabby – just call it our seven year itch.

I’ve heard from Mum and Mike who have enjoyed Milan (I’m so jealous) and are now in Lake Como – oh dear – the life of the rich and famous eh… Dad is in Copenhagen and due back soon – in time to go to the Kimberley and walk off all that pasta… as for me – well I think I need more than a walk in the Kimberley sun my friends…