Well we’re back and having stayed in a zen palace we have decided that really we can’t live in the hovel we call home any longer. Well it’s not a hovel but it is SO CLUTTERED.

Today we cleaned out the granny flat and made some space, tomorrow we start on the bookcases. Already I’ve found two old Hardy Boys books. Will my ten year old want to read them??

I have a huge collection of books which I need to sort out. I’m thinking of doing it by genre… Sci-fi/Fantasy, then Crime, then Airport Novels, then Literature. Then theres all those “review books” which I probably will never read, followed by Non-Fiction, Childhood Gems, Cooking and Big Coffee Table Books Which Are Very Worthy But We Never Look At and finally Reference.

But all that is for tomorrow, tonight it’s time for a cuppa and a feet-up, and possibly a ponder on what on Earth to do with my wedding dress…