Pronounced Toddi. Oh what a beautiful town. I want to live there. Seriously Rory and I could manage a pensione I’m sure. Even though we have never run a hotel before, are not morning people and have few handyman skills – we would be perfect and I would adore it! We would all learn lovely Italian and become as fat and rolling as the Umbrian hills. Can’t you see it?

Neither could Rory… but I COULD! Especially the fat bit.

I bought a gypsy top in Todi for E6 today. And saw some very interesting jewellry but was caught by the siesta break which is a very annoying three hour closing of shops between 1-4 in the afternoons. Very frustrating. Anyway I suppose I’ll have plenty of time to buy jewellry when I come to live there.

Yesterday we noticed that the dogs that live in this house are covered in ticks. Very gross. Actually I had noticed this some weeks before but was “in a happy place” ignoring them. This is hard to do when your daughter and niece bring one to the dining table. We had a tickathon and removed 24 from one dog alone. Well Mum and Cath did. I was still “in my happy place” helped along by a glass of fresh white pinot grigio.

We had tick inspections on the humans in the household last night and all were pronounced tick free. Cath and Georges of course are used to ticks as they live in Wilton, Conneticut which has the worst reputation for Limes disease in the world. Carried by ticks of course.

Tonight we plan to head back to Spoletto to try a few beers at this pub Rory has found that serves 500 beers… I know a little jewellry shop there too that might get a visit…