Towel Day

Is on 25th May, 2005. Yes it’s in memory of Douglas Adams and I know you will recall that he wrote Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – the book – as opposed to the recently released film for which he gets some credits and which I quite enjoyed – especially the whale and Slartibartfast and the bit on the Vogon planet about ideas and the opening song. Sorry it has taken me so long to review the film. What can I say? Life got in the way. This guy was more prompt and he has actually gone out in public with his towel – and I’m not talking to the beach.

I had my hair cut today and was faced with the dilemma of whether to talk to the hairdresser or not. Well usually you have no choice but they must get sick of the small talk and I just couldn’t get the necessary enthusiasm required to ask them what they were up to at the weekend or whether they had seen any good films lately. I asked Rory about this and he never talks to his hairdressers. Mind you they take a maximum of 6 seconds to do his hair and half of that is faffing about trying to make him feel like he’s getting value for money…

Anyway I had a guy cut my hair today and he didn’t do the small talk thing. So then we had a long silence during which I wondered whether or not to interrupt him. After all I do want him to concentrate on the vagaries of my hair don’t I. After a while – quite a long while – I asked him what he found satisfying about his job.

He said he liked the challenge of lots of clients and trying to fit them into a busy day. He also said that he hated saying he was a hairdresser because people invariably ask him if he cuts hair at home and he hates it when they ask (he always says no – even to family). So that was interesting. Next time you meet a hairdresser socially don’t ask them!

Then he found out we were going to Italy and had lots of advice about pickpockets – apparently gangs of about 6 girls are common – they distract you while one of them gets your valuables and they are quite brazen. Never give directions as that is how they often suck in punters… they spread out a map and while you’re doing your best they pick your pockets out of sight under the map. Sneaky.

He also recommended a leather section of Florence near the fish market. Neat.

So I guess the small talk was worth it after all. Oh and my hair looks good too.