Water dance

They say change is as good as a holiday – but what if the change is while you’re on holiday already – do they cancel out?

I went to see What The Bleep Do We Know today. This is a film that either opens your mind or blows it away and I’m not sure where I fit into that. In many ways it was easy to accept. After all the whole theory that matter is really possibilities or thoughts fits in with my reaction to mind-altering substances. I lie there going “Oh my God! Is this all there is?” and perhaps I am closer to “God” at that time than any other.

But it all tends to go in a vicious cycle of paranoia – hilarity – and desire so, no, don’t think I’ll go back there.

I’d prefer to meditate to create my own day.

I’d especially like to create a reality where bathers looked better on me. Went shopping for a one-piece today. Grim indeed but as Melissa would say “That’s not for here!”

What I loved most about the film was Emoto’s Water Crystals. As I am largely made up of water tonight I am going to sleep with a sign on me saying “I love you”. It will be interesting to see if different signs effect my day…