My boy

Just returned from this morning’s ANZAC day ceremony at the school where my son had a speaking role. He had to introduce a poem called Sir which was read out by a fellow classmate. Hugo had been practicing for the past few days and had learned his piece by heart. Rory and I had coached him to speak out, only using the words on the card as prompts.

He did brilliantly. Only looked at the words once or twice and only to get his place. He spoke out loudly and clearly – into the microphone – and didn’t stumble. He was in fact the only person we could hear – and that includes the Principal. We were so proud of him.

The service was lovely too. I’m impressed by the quality and solemnity of the service which included some moving songs, poetry, history, wreaths and a flag raising ceremony.

On the way out I read some of the pieces the kids had written about ANZAC day. Some of them were beautiful. One was very funny. I’m going to sneak into the school and write the words down so I can share them with you… come back soon!