So here I am in my new office – or rather corridor which we are pretending is an office although Eoin reckons I look like a hospital admissions clerk – having caught the train to work. I LOVE catching the train. First of all it goes all the way from home to practically the door of the office, and secondly I can read the whole way. Can’t do that in a car – at least not when you’re driving! I just need to get a radio/CD player and I’ll be laughing.

East Perth is great. Everything is new and shiny with well tended parks and heaps of cafes – even some shopping. And everyone in the building seems happy to be here – apart from a couple of worry warts for whom the sky is always falling but there are always one or two aren’t there?

Tonight I head to the University Club for my first function – a wine tasting – I can’t wait to see what it is like!

It is very strange to be a member of a club. I remember my first day at Uni when all the uni clubs were trying to drum up innocent freshies to join up. I think I joined six clubs – the bridge club, science fiction club, tennis club, and hmmm can’t remember the others. I think I managed about one visit to each. I hope being a member of the University Club is a little more rewarding or rather that I choose to use it more than I did all those years ago.

Imagine. If I’d actually visited the Science Fiction club a little more often (ie more than once) I might have even met Harry at Uni.