Back to Earth

A fine figure he cuts… my dad that is – what? You thought I was talking about the bull? Well I have to admit the bull looks like a showpiece too. We had a great few days at Ennuin. I really enjoyed just hanging out with Dad. It’s not often these days that I get the chance. In fact we can’t ever remember spending so much time together. Thanks Dad.

We had a go at solving cryptic crosswords (we’re not very good), cooked amazing camp oven dinners, cleared fallen trees, built haystacks, fed cattle, explored off-road, faffed around with the GPS, checked electric fences, met interesting and amusing farmers, and blew the head gasket on the Landcruiser which ultimately meant that I was late home for the Cha Cha rehearsal so I don’t know where we’ll be dancing but we will be there on Sunday night! I’ll let you know after tomorrow night where to look for us.

Today I went to Archetrek for another enlightening and exhausting session, bought shiny bits for my re-vamped Cha Cha dress, had a great catch up wine with Sally, and enjoyed watching American Idol with my daughter!

Speaking of singing competitions – I was devastated to see Cashmere knocked out of X Factor. Rory kindly taped it for me while I was away and I was sure after all the comments Kate had made that she would get in. Her voice is so good though, I’m sure we’ve not heard the last from her. Good luck Cashi!