How hard can it be?

Plenty if you’re looking for a sexy ballroom/latin sparkly gown/dress which will make my bottom look small and my legs look thin. Lets face it – it ain’t going to happen. I would settle for looking… curvy.

In fact at the moment I would settle for anything vaguely sparkly.

I’ve searched the web. Nada in Perth.

I’ve searched ebay. Lots of fetish outfits and little girl’s communion dresses but nothing remotely useful.

How hard can it be? Isn’t the whole of Australia mad on dancing at the moment? There must be thousands of dresses all PERFECT for me languishing in the back of closets crying out for some attention.

C’mon Sara-Marie – what about one of your frocks!

Ah well on the bright side my inner geek has priced the painting of a miniature for my dungeons and dragons games… at least she’ll be dressed!

PS Thank you to my friends who have offered classy skirts from their wardrobes I will let you know but they might not be tacky enough… 🙂