I ate a whole pizza last night. By myself. It was delicious. Chelsea Pizza’s Sausage Pizza is my favourite.

I drank three biggish glasses of red last night. By myself. They were ALL delicious.

I cannot work out why my website does not look like it’s supposed to. There is supposed to be a 100px wide banner down the left hand side in green which ties it all together. It is the background image of the body of the site and was working yesterday. Then yesterday afternoon it stopped working. I’m so frustrated.

I went back to Archetrek today to the Friday morning group. Katie has refined the model further and I think improved it. She had toyed with six areas on the map at one point and I hated that – I think at the time I mentioned that I found it confusing and it was but it is gone so I can let it go. I didn’t want to go today and resented having to “share” at the start of it and did so begrudgingly. Then another participant (I judged) did the same thing and boy did I react to that! I am sure this person is in the group to be a key reflector for me.

I think I will just have to dive in!

Maybe when I do the background image on this website will suddenly work! Could my computer be a reflection of my life?

Child is the on button, Heart is the internet connection, Body is the hardware, Mind is the software and Soul is the helpdesk! Okay lets analyse this. It is a problem between the software and the internet connection that is causing my background image not to appear… Heart and Mind. Too much thinking and not enough being? Maybe my background image works for you on your computer?

I need to have a walk!

OMG – I just tried fixing it again – and it works! Bloody hell. I guess that’s a pretty emphatic message from the universe!