Because we can

We’ve just been down the beach for a swim. Yes it’s a Tuesday. Yes it was the middle of the morning. Yes it was a beautiful day (although the sea breeze had just come in).

I came back from my walk and was hot and sweaty. I lay down on the floor to do a few sit ups (Groover says it’s me having sex with myself which says a lot I think) and I thought – gee the sea looked beautiful as I walked past. Why don’t we go for a swim?

The freedom to be able to be spontaneous is such a gift. And the fun of hanging out with Groover – who is really quite nice when you get to know him – is such a joy.

It felt almost as racy as that day all those years ago when we dared each other to drive down West Coast Highway in the buff. Which we did – thankfully not being picked up for speeding.

Afterwards we went in our bathers to the shops to pick up some sausage meat – after cleaning out our freezer we found seven packets of unused puff pastry – sausage rolls for lunch! And bloody hell why not!