Phone a friend

Hey guess what?! I was just “phone a friend” on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Okay well I wasn’t actually the person who spoke to Eddie Maguire but I was there ready to help!

The story: A good friend of Janet’s who goes by the initials GP was selected to go on WWTBAM today and he asked Janet to get a few layabouts who aren’t working to get together at her place to be one of his PAF choices. So Brad, Janet and I sat around eating lunch nervously waiting for the phone to ring. It rang and we were told that he was in the HOTSEAT! Janet was on phone duty but they wouldn’t let us put the phone on speakerphone so our plan was that she was going to write down the question very quickly with the options and we would write the answer down if we knew it.

The phone rang again. G was on the $32,000 question. We were tense with anticipation. Janet hears the question and starts writing but knows the answer immediately. She sounded great! Yes I’m positive! she says. And then it was all over. But they left the phone on hold so we could hear the rest of the show.

Our friend won quite a bit more than $32,000 but I don’t want to spoil your surprise so you will just have to watch the show – I’ll tell you when I find out what time it is on.

I seem to be surrounded by people I know who are going on television…. there’s G (and Janet’s voice), Rory was a swinging voter in the audience of the Leader’s Debate and Cashmere – Grant and Annette’s daughter is going to be on The X Factor on Sunday night. Touch me. Maybe it will rub off on you!

What you want to know if I knew the answer to the question?

Well… no.

But if they had wanted the definition of labile or otiose – I would have been right there!