Back from Down South

Well as a zillion others have done we have just returned from a relaxing week down south. Getting up to the sound of kangaroos crashing through the bush. Going for an earlyish walk. Coming back to a protein shake (I’m a new convert) and then a couple of hours on the beach. Then lunch. Then games, reading or sleeping, then dinner and maybe a game or maybe sitting out on the balcony under the stars sipping some seriously nice wine yarning.

I even slept out under the stars one night which was gorgeous. The kangaroos are so tame they come right up to the house – today’s visitor had a rather large joey in her pouch.

As is our custom we spent the morning cleaning the house and this time I forwent the pleasure of the twin tub in order to take advantage of the washing machines down at the launderette. Big mistake – I should have gone with plan A and brought the sheets and towels home. (The twintub was NEVER an option) The dryer overheated and melted the rubber around one of the fitted sheets which left yellowy blotches over two other sheets – nightmare. So I had to bring them home anyway to get them sorted – anyone know a good way to remove melted rubber? Just asking.

The thing is – apart from the view – we could have a similar lifestyle right here at home. We are closer to the beach than where we stay down south – even though we can’t see it – and you can walk everywhere – so why does it take transplantation to do it?

I’m very proud of my boy tonight – he has donated his Christmas Present money ($50) to the Tsunami Appeal. Imogen had already spent all her money!

Tomorrow I’m heading to the hills for a Welcoming the New Year event at Archetrek with Mum. Should be (as Hugo would say) … interesting.