Back to Billabong

When I was a gel my mother gave me her old copies of The Billabong Series. She had three books of the many in the series and I soon found the rest in libraries and devoured them.

Years later, they were polished up and made politically correct and I must say I didn’t seek them out.

I saw them there on the bookshelf this week and picked one up for a walk down memory lane. They are quick reads and transport you back to the world at the start of the century. I love them. Life on a station reminds me of Ennuin and I will look at the station with fresh eyes when next we visit.

Now I just need to scour the secondhand bookshops for old copies of the missing volumes…

By now most of you will know that Groover is leaving work for at least six months. I am going to do the same. The chance for both of us to be off work is too great a chance to miss.

We are both very excited and have lists and lists of things we want to achieve – will six months be enough?? Stay tuned for further developments!