Lettuce Deliver

I don’t normally plug services on my blog – well… apart from Mum, her massages are awesome and should be compulsary – but I am so impressed with my friend Verity that I feel I just have to tell you about her new business.

Now this would work for you if you – or your partner – live or work in the inner city. VJ has started a little business called Lettuce Deliver and what she does is go to the markets early on a Thursday morning (and who can be bothered doing that!) and she buys fresh fruit and veges and delivers them.

I love it because I am time poor and I hate shopping. I’m also fussy when it comes to my fruit and veg and so online shopping hasn’t worked out for me. The thing is, I trust VJ to pick out great f&v because if anything, she is fussier than me! I get about $30 worth a week and I give VJ a rough idea of what I want.

This week we got avocados – delicious medium-large Hass – 3 for $4.95 – and nectarines, bananas, fuji apples, pears, mangoes, cucumber, cherry and normal tomatoes, capsicum, green beans, carrots and of course lettuce!

The other great thing about it is I end up trying varieties and fruit that perhaps I wouldn’t normally try. Now that’s because I am lazy. I am a random shopper anyway so this works for me. You can be more prescriptive as to what you want.

One final advantage. The veges come in a styrofoam esky which you swap over each week but in the meantime get to keep in your car for buying icecream and beer. What could be better than that!

Anyway if you’re interested, you can email Veej – vj[at]swiftdsl.com.au (obviously the [at] is actually the @ symbol) – now time for a nectarine I think!