Wedded Bliss

Well we’ve just got back from Deb and Gerard’s wedding in Boyanup. Hugo’s in the pool, Imogen is in the shower, Mandi is at the Archetrek course and Rory is resting after all that driving.

It is HOT today 34.5 degrees as we speak 0.2 of a degree below the maximum. Summer is here.

The wedding was lovely – we travelled down to Boyanup – about 18 k south east of Bunbury and stayed at the Meadowbrook Estate. Our room was the Owl’s nest in Toad Hall and it wasn’t really ready for occupation – dust everywhere. However it beat having to drive to Bunbury and we shared babysitters with another couple staying there so we lived with dust.

On the way home we went for a drive around Bunbury. It has changed so much since I lived there nearly 14 years ago. Now we just drive past it! There are big houses on the water that could have been transplanted from Hillarys. A frightening sign of the scene in the future – horrible overdone Tuscan style monstrosities filling every square metre on the tiny squashed in blocks. Yuck. If you don’t know what I mean… Cast your eyes west as you cross over the Port Bouvard Bridge just past Mandurah.