Gross Ear

Okay well my ear is never gross – rather small and cute – but I must have caught my left earring at some point because the other day it bled a little bit and it hurts! It’s as if I’ve gone back to just being pierced… which of course is a pain because now I won’t be able to put in new earrings until it is properly healed.

The worst is the itching. You know the “healing” itch. Arghh. It’s hard not to want to touch it. The things we do for beauty girls…

At home we’ve been having tee-shirt wars. Imogen simply can’t seem to wear aprons when painting at school and as a consequence has ruined just about ALL of her new tee-shirts. So in an inspired bit of parenting (I think) I made it a rule that she wear school tee-shirts all week until she can prove that she can keep tee-shirts clean. Nobody wears school tee-shrits. The first day she threw an absolute spac. To the point of getting out of the car and stomping down the road. I just waited til she came back and asked for directions home. Then she threw her tee-shirt out of the car window. Luckily not far from home so it was retrieved.

Then came half an hour spac-attack in bedroom.

Having vented her spleen she seems to have calmed down a little. The next morning she was wearing her school tee-shirt when she got up. I still get the odd threat “No more beautiful cuddles unless I can wear normal tee-shirts to school!” “Ah well,” I say, “just as well I’ve got a good memory… and Hugo!”

This is me trying my Spirit Mountain parenting technique. I just hope Ginger Possum continues to back me up. (He’s been a rock so far)