It’s my birthday on Wednesday

Just in case you forgot… after all what is the point of a personal blog if you can’t remind people of your birthday? There is no point. This is the sole reason. Mark the date in your diary… 😀

The quiz night was interesting – rather than an overall winner they broke the night into three rounds of twenty questions and the table with the most correct answers each round won a table prize. If they won a table prize they were ineligible for another one. At first I thought that it was a good idea but in the end it felt unsatisfying. We came second most rounds so overall who knows where we would have ended up… third or fourth maybe? I wanted to know and also to congratulate the brainiest table… that’s half the fun.

I guess what was missing was the tension that builds throughout the night as the final round gets closer. Also only 60 questions meant a shorter night. And all the decent prizes were auctioned off so while they probably raised more money than a traditional format I felt personally a bit ripped off. Mind you we had a great time anyway and had a great group of people so it was only a little bit.

After that it was a fairly normal weekend. Tee-ball orientation day, The Bill, Nippers and Idol – all standard fare. And a dental appointment.

I have recently changed dentists. I got sick of feeling mugged every time I went for a check up. Flouride treatments ($30), xrays, quotes for crowns (they said I needed five… FIVE!) and the list goes on and on. I decided to get a second opinion. My new dentist I found on the Medibank Private list and she says I don’t need crowns, and she doesn’t believe in Flouride treatments. She swipes my card and unless I have to have a treatment (eg a filling) I pay nothing – it gets automatically sorted out. We’ll see how we go. It’s a bit of a wrench leaving a dental practice I’ve been with since I was 12 but as far as the cost goes… I feel better now!

Oh and I’m interviewing Adam Okaro from The Bill – please forward any questions… the problem is that he’s just a bit nice isn’t he?