Jumping to conclusions

Today at my Archetrek class I learned that the Detective – which I have in communication – jumps to conclusions without knowledge of all the facts.

Now when have I done that recently… hmmmm.

Must watch my dark Detective.

Of course I possibly was in the dark of my Hostess/Historian/Queen and could have been a bit judgemental as well… not to mention engaging my deepest fear.

Yes. Well some lessons to learn methinks.

I also learned that having the Politician in career does not mean running for office but instead about serving the community, of having a strong set of beliefs and values and being able to act to share them with the community which is EXACTLY what my plan for Afternoons was/is. I now own the Politician.

Over and over I am struck by the accuracy of my map and the insights it brings me.

I have found it so valuable to name the good and bad parts of my personality and to be able to try and live up to the light side of it is a challenge I relish. Recognising the shadow helps so much – even if it is only after the event – after I have become reactive. More and more I find I am less reactive to situations which is a blessing for me and I suspect the kids and Rory.

Apart from Monday that is… oh and yesterday when Imogen got on my wick… but apart from that… 🙂