Home Alone

I have mentioned before how lovely it is to have a day off mid-week. It might sound dead boring to you but here is my day off today.

Sleep in to gone 7.30am – bliss! Drag on jeans and ugg-boots and make kids lunches. Ask them to get their shoes on and check they have had breakfast – the debris would suggest that they have. Organise Imogen’s canteen money for Thursday (yes Hugo I owe you $2 – sigh). Drop kids off at school so they can walk part way and then drive around to make sure they head in the right direction – they do.

Do the supermarket shop – under strict budget as have overspent on Art in Bloom – unfortunately we were not sponsored – I hope the ABC appreciates the advertising. Go to fresh market to pick up a few veges. Stop off at drive through coffee place for a long black (then discover that I could have got a large one for the same price as a short – doh!). Come back home. Check emails.

Tidy house and put away groceries. Boring but satisfying.

Wash and comb hair – just in case any of Imogen’s scalp visitors made the journey to my head – they didn’t.

Make appointments for accountant and school.

Make omelette with mushrooms for breakfast/lunch and have a cup of tea. Ahhhh lovely.

Have a look at blogger to try and work out how to do multiblogs on the front page. Fail to work it out and instead write a post. And this is my day. Nothing like a good potter I’ve always said. Good for the soul.

How’s your day been?