Rory sells the car!

Rory casually mentions to me tonight that he’s sold his car. His R-32. The car he waited with anticipation for. His hotted up golf. Sigh.

We pick up the commodore on Monday.

At least his licence is safe.

What a week! Interview was on Wednesday. Think I got across that I was keen to do the job “I really want this job” and my vision for the program. Now its just a matter of waiting. Nothing else I can do.

Which is how I feel about Art In Bloom.

the natural side of our ball

Mike and I thought we were really organised… We’d soaked our ball, hung it for two days, put in the artificial flowers. On the Thursday morning we got up early – Mike was here at 6.30am – arranged the live flowers and were at the gallery at 8.30am.

Well what a comedy of errors!

The ball was really heavy so while we were waiting we hung it on the handle of a blue sulo bin. The hanging guys arrive and we say we want our ball hung on four bits of line so that it hangs square. “Hmmm” says John the hanger, “Well the bin is going to make it a bit skewiff…” “Er no” we say “we don’t want to hang the bin!”

Only in an art gallery eh?

But once hung we realise that the ball is still dripping and worse it’s dripping rusty water and the water is staining our artificial flowers… nightmare!

Mike’s ready to give up but no I say – you stay here and pull the flowers out and I’ll get another ball.

Eventually the new ball is up and the mirror located in just the right spot so you can see the ball in the mirror because after all art is a mirror of life.

Afterwards we walked around the gallery and were amazed at the brilliance of our fellow exhibitors. What amazing talent we have in Perth.