At Melissa’s House

Here I am at Melissa’s house showing The Poshi how easy it is to blog. Yes that’s right Melissa is planning on joining the blog fraternity. She’ s got stuff to say as anyone who has read her latest review on Fahrenheit 9/11 in redsultana reviews will know. So look out for her blog – it will be added to my friends list very shortly.

Today we got up early – well I say we… I mean Hugo and I – to head down to Allan Park for the Footy carnival – the close of the season. 🙁 It was fun to watch Hugo in action after such a long break. He took a fantastic mark right in front of goals and kicked it long and out of danger – he was full back – and I was screaming from the sidelines as usual and as usual he couldn’t hear me.

What we could hear was Bevan who was official timekeeper and enjoying the chance to yell on the loudspeaker… at one point as I lamented over my son’s seeming inability to tie his bootlaces I heard Bevan at about 140 decibels call out “Hugo Innes…. Hugo Innes! Please come to the sidelines so your mother can tie up your boot laces…!”

How embarrassment!

This afternoon I have been chilling at Melissa and Bevan’s house, uploading their photos from the trip to Africa they took in January with Hugo. It has been a slow process and far too much red wine has been consumed – hence the stream of consciousness nature of this blog – what? It’s always like this?! No comment.

I’ve been watching Pride and Prejudice on television and on video – too impatient to wait for the episodes on telly. It is so good! The tension is unbearable. And talking about tension how is The Bill at the moment… Had to stop the video of Tuesday night’s episode (thanks Michaela) in order to have a cuppa the tension was so great…

Anyway coming soon on this page – a link to Melissa’s blog and Africa photos… AT LAST!